Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Thoughts On The Worst Trade In Baseball

The title is a little vague, but my comments are following up on David's article below me. I couldn't believe this trade when I heard it. The Marlins are taking a HUGE risk in giving away what is ultimately their top players. What are they thinking? Actually, I hope they are thinking and have some kind of reasoning behind this? As it is, the Marlins have trouble bringing in attendance and getting fans to come to their games. By giving away their best players for (at the moment) unknown players, they are only going to lose attendance. In no way am I saying that these players can't flourish into all-stars, but the Marlins just gave away possibly their star attractions! Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to the Tigers! Yes, Willis has seen better days, but still, he is such a fired up, charismatic player he should boost the whole ball club and Cabrera is another power threat to add to that lineup of speed and power.

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