Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lebron James Is A Real Difference Maker

Growing up during my generation of basketball, I had the luxury of watching the great Michael Jordan lead his team to six championships. Jordan not only was amazing to watch, but changed the face of basketball and attracted many new fans. Now, I understand Lebron James will never be Jordan and I also understand people are tired of hearing him be compared to Jordan or being called the next Jordan. Lebron James is who his name says he is. However, this man can provide for the younger generation of kids, who missed out on the MJ era and never witnessed him first-hand, an athlete to look up in the same style as Jordan.

Having said that, lets look at the Cavaliers at the moment. The Cleveland Cavilers have lost their last 4 games in a row. One can come up with as many excuses as he can, but the sole reason for their losing streak is the difference maker, Lebron James, has not been playing.

James missed his third straight game because of a sprained left index finger. He was hurt Wednesday in a loss to Detroit, when Nazr Mohammed slapped at the ball as James began to shoot.

Their most recent loss was to the New Jersey Nets, in which Richard Jefferson scored a season high 36 points in their 100-79 blowout.

Unfortunatly, Brown wouldn't comment before the game on whether James' injury is taking longer to heal than first anticipated and I haven't heard any updates. However, one thing is clear, without this difference maker on the team the Cavs look lost at the moment.

The Cavaliers have lost four straight and are 0-3 without their superstar forward, falling to 9-10.

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