Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Interpretation Of Week 14 Of The NFL

Bills 38 beat Miami 17 - See what a difference Trent Edwards is over J.P. Losman! It's like a brand new team. The Bills keep their playoff hopes alive while Miami continues towards the inevitable.

Cincinnati 19 beat St. Louis 10 - Rain pelted Brock Berlin's face as he settled in for his first regular-season snap in the NFL for the St. Louis Rams. He called signals in misty breaths, then got decked when he let go of a pass. Palmer and Berlin both played terrible, this was a meaningless game, and thats everything you need to know.

Dallas 28 beat Detroit 27 - Kitna's promise for 10 wins was a curse that may come back to haunt them. They could actually lose 10 games! Tony Romo played amazing again and connected with Witten and Barber enough times to climb back into the lead after trailing most of the game. I have nothing but awe and amazement for the way the Cowboys play and fight hard. The Patriots await them.

Green Bay 38 beat Oakland 7 - Favre started and with this win, the Packers clinched their division. Grant and the special teams helped Farve win this one. I'd like to say something supportive of Oakland, but that's impossible.

San Diego 23 Tennessee 17 - This was a nail biter to the end. After a frustratingly slow start, the Chargers were able to tie the game to send it to overtime. Tomlinson's overtime touchdown capped the Chargers comeback. Vince Young had a terrible game, but in his defense, he was hurt. Still, this knocks the Titans out of the Wild Card.

New York Giants 16 beat Philadelphia 13 - What happened here? I never expected this. The Giants survived a last minute drive to slip by the Eagles. With this win, the Giants solidified their Wild Card spot and ruined any chance the Eagles had for a second Wild Card. This win actually convinces me the Giants are at least a decent team now....but they'll still get slammed if they play the Packers or Cowboys.

Jacksonville 37 beat Carolina 6 - Blowout. Blowout. Blowout. The Jaguars solidified their spot for a Wild Card. Their defense dominated this game and Fred Taylor did an excellent job running the ball. The Panthers, however, were awful and I blame it on Testaverde. The Panthers need a future quarterback desperately.

Houston 28 beat Tampa Bay 14 - Sage Rosenfels threw for three touchdowns to lead the Texans (6-7) to an upset victory over the Tampa Bay Buccanners. He has won both games he's started in place of the injured Matt Schaub. I really underestimated Rosenfels and I think the Bucs did too. Garcia didn't start and that's why their 2 touchdowns came from their running game. The Bucs can afford to lose one anyway; that division provides less than a challenge. The Texans are still fighting for a Wild Card.

Minnesota 27 beat San Fransisco 7 - This is why the Vikings are such a dangerous team. The 49ers stopped Peterson. That's great....but Taylor ran all over them. They have 2 amazing threats in the backfield. The Vikings keep their winning streak alive and move into a deserving 6th place in the NFC.

Seattle 42 beat Arizona 21 - Hasselbeck's four touchdown passes helped the Seahawks clinch the NFC west title. This team's aerial attack continues to amaze me. Kurt Warner put up some great passing yards and touchdowns, but 5 interceptions is just too many mistakes for any aerial attack to survive. Everyone can't pull a Tony Romo.

Denver 41 beat Kansas City 7 - Jay Cutler must have read all the harsh, negative comments I said about him in a previous post and really wanted to prove me wrong. Cutler tossed a career high four touchdowns as the Broncos destroyed the Chiefs. So Cutler finally had a great game. Good for do that for 3 more games. I still don't believe in him or the Broncos.

Cleveland 24 beat New York Jets 18 - You have to hand it to the Jets. This poor team has nothing to play for except pride and they tried so very hard to beat the mighty Browns....and they almost did too. Fortunately for the Browns, Joe Jurevicius recovered 2 late onside kicks to stop the rallying Jets. However, the Browns were annoying me this game because I was finally able to watch this high-powered offense on tv....and they didn't play well.

New England 34 beat Pittsburgh 13 - ...and the conspiracy (oops I mean "perfect season") continues....

Indianapolis 37 is beating Baltimore 7 - This game has gone to the half. Boy was I wrong. Shame on me to go against my favorite team. I thought the Ravens were going to come out fired up after last week's controversial loss. Instead, the Ravens look as if they need Prozac. Their offense and defense is barely trying. I guess I would enter into a deep state of depression too after that loss last week. Manning and the Colts' defense is shredding them apart so badly its not even worth watching. This solidifies my point about when the Patriots games aren't nationally televised (like this week's game), they blow teams out. However, when they are televised, the games are kept close to keep them exciting in order to draw an audience in. The NFL loves the Patriots as a money making tool.

For Monday

New Orleans At Atlanta - What a boring Monday night game. Take the Saints and then go to bed.

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