Sunday, December 9, 2007

Enough Complaining, Pats Are the Best... Period!

I have had enough with people saying how the NFL is fixing games to make sure the Pats win. Just because a couple of calls were questioned on a nationally televised game (WHICH BY THE WAY were the correct call in every situation) why is this season tarnished? Because the Bellicheck got caught stealing signals at the beginning of the year, they are probably one of a very short list of teams who are not trying to steal signals now.

Can people please just shut up already? They have the best QB in the league, maybe ever. They have the best WR in the league. They have a great defense. They have a great coach. They have a great offensive line. Shall I go on?

How about the game against the Colts when the Pats didn't get a single call in their favor, AND THEY STILL WON!

So whoever keeps saying this...Mike... please shut up already. Realize they are probably the best team in the history of the NFL and appreciate that. Watch every week in amazement and remember how fortunate you are to watch this season.


Michael Vinciguerra said...
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Michael Vinciguerra said...

Glad to see you read my posts

Regardless if the Patriots are the best, I still believe the NFL wants them to go undefeated for money and ratings

David Stefanini said...

Ofcourse they do thats common sense, but they are not going to fix the game. The NFL doesn't need much help getting the ratings....