Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Roy Jones Jr. Highlights

Have you ever gone to to find out the latest on sports? Of course you have. That is exactly what I did today. I went there to see if Johan Santana had been traded. But instead I got this headline thrown in my face. Is "Pretty Boy" Flloyd Mayweather Jr. the greatest fighter pound for pound of all-time? As you may imagine I had to pull a "What The Hell Are They Talking About" moment. You know, the kind that makes you shake your head at the stupidity that some people have. This inspired me to think of who I thought is the greatest pound for pound fighter of all time. This person would need to have great hands, power, and speed. Naturally Ali comes to mind.

But I am a big hater of Muhammad Ali. I think most of his fights were fixed. Take the last bout between him and Joe Frazier. Ali could not even stand up to get out of his corner, but the Frazier camp threw in the towel, even though Joe Frazier said he wanted to go out for some more. But that should be trivial.

The best fighter in my mind is: Roy Jones Jr. Remember him in his prime? Nobody even came close to this man. The speed, the power, the natural talent to box. It was a thing of beauty. So here is a video of who I feel is the best pound-for-pound greatest fighter of all-time.

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