Sunday, November 11, 2007

Welcome Back Res Grossman

Rex Grossman looks to be back where he deserves to be, as the starting Quarterback of the Chicago Bears. I am tired of hearing everyone say how bad he is, or how he is the only reason the Bears lost so many games. I tell you people: SHUT UP! In his first full season as a starter he leads his team to the Super Bowl and resurrects football in the city of Chicago.

Now he starts off the season struggling because he doesn't have a second in the pocket without a couple of defenders in his face. How is that fair to him?

Well today, when Brian Griese went down with an injury, Rex steps up and throws a 60 yard TD pass late in the 4th quarter and quite possibly won back his starting position. I never though Rex should be benched. And now I am going to be the one who says he deserves to start whenever the Bears play their next game.

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