Sunday, November 11, 2007

Giants Get a Reality Check

Welcome back to Earth all you New York Giants fans. I am a fan, but I never was sold on this team. They have played fairly well, but they are not on the same level as the Cowboys or Packers. The Giants, at best, are a second-tier NFC team. They should make the playoffs, and they may even make it to the second round. However, there is no way they will be in the running to make it to the Super Bowl.

Eli Manning, once again, showed he can not be trusted in a big game. On the flip side of that, Tony Romo once again showed he is a QB who comes through when it matters the most. Romo had 4 TD passes and Eli had 2 INT's. Lets look at the upcoming schedule for the New York Giants. They play the Lions, Vikings, Bears, Eagles, Redskins, Bills, and the Patriots.

In other words, they don't play a serious team until the final game in the regular season. You have to figure the Giants will find a way to lose at least 3 of those games not including the Pats. So that leaves them at 9-6 going into the last game. Is 9 wins really enough to get into the playoffs? I believe so.

So there it is fellow Giants fans. Our team is good, but not great. They are a contender for the playoffs but not a serious threat to go the whole way. Looks like we have to suffer through another second half collapse.

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