Sunday, November 11, 2007

Monday Morning Headlines: Week 10

  • Fred Taylor cracks 10,000 Yard in His Career: First off, congratulations to Fred Taylor. He has been one of the most underrated runners in league history. The only player I can think of who did more with less credit is Curtis Martin. Just because Fred Taylor plays the game right and never calls out his coaches, he doesn't get the media attention; now he will
  • Dallas Shows Who #1 in NFC East: See the article below for details.
  • Rex Returns and Leads Team to Victory: See the article below for details.
  • St. Louis Finally Wins: After starting the season 0-8 for the first time in franchise, the Rams looked very impressive in their win over the resurgent Saints. The Rams are finally healthy, and I would expect them to win a few more games before this season is over. They are not as bad as their 1-8 record shows.
  • Adrian Peterson Sprains Knee: It looks like something has finally slowed down Adrian Peterson. After running wild through all NFL defenses, Peterson has just sustained a knee injury that may cost him a good amount of time. Lets wait to her the results, but a sprained knee is never good.

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