Monday, November 5, 2007

Torre Shows Humor in Press Conference

Here is the article from's Ken Gurnick:

Brooklyn-born Joe Torre was introduced as the new Dodgers manager in a center-field press conference Monday morning at Dodger Stadium.

"Being from Brooklyn, I'd better get this out," Torre said in his opening remarks. "We had the Dodgers, the Giants and the Yankees. We were pretty spoiled in the East. I managed the Yankees and now I get to manage the Dodgers and I was a Giants fan. I want to apologize for that right now."

Torre, who replaces Grady Little -- who resigned last week after his second season -- was accompanied by his wife, Ali, and Dodgers owners Frank and Jamie McCourt as they strolled across the field to meet the media.

"When I think of the Dodgers, I think of efficiency, I think of pride, I think of a measuring stick," Torre said. "You always measured yourself against the Dodgers, because they always did everything right."

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