Monday, November 5, 2007

Mid-Season Awards

Here is how I see the NFL at the midway point:

MVP - Tom Brady: Is there any doubt to this one? Other than teammate Randy Moss, who should even be considered in this discussion? We are watching a great QB in his prime, surrounded with talent. It is a beautiful thing to watch.

Rookie of the Year - Adrian Peterson: Yup, this was a hard one. He breaks the single game rushing record, leads the world in rushing, and scores a couple of touchdowns every game. How could I come to this decision.

Coach of the Year - Bill Belichick: Say what you want, the man is a genius. He has his team at undefeated at 9-0, and cruising right by everyone. Do they run up the score; yes, but this is the NFL not high school. Grow up, they play to win, period!

Defensive Player of the Year - Mike Vrabel: He is the best offensive, defensive player in the league. He also has 47 tackles, and is an emotional leader on the best team in the NFL. I know I have a lot of Patriots picked but they may be the best team ever assembled.

Biggest Surprise - Cleveland Browns: Does anyone realize the Browns could be tied for first after tonight in their division? They are 5-3 and no one expected them have 5 wins all year. They got beat horribly on opening weekend. They traded away their starting QB, and since then have looked like a real team. What a great story this is.

Biggest Disappointment - San Diego Chargers/LT: LT and the Chargers tie for the biggest disappointment of the year. After starting off slow, LT and the Chargers picked up their games recently. Then yesterday both looked terrible. LT can't get going, and the Chargers are falling out of the race. Think about last year, LT was considered the best RB in recent memory, and the Chargers were young and talented. Now they lost twice the amount of games they lost all of last season!

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