Monday, November 5, 2007

My Interpretation of Week 9 in the NFL

At this point we are at the midway point of the NFL season. Allow me to recap the games in Week 9 and discuss where some of the highlight and disappointing teams stand so far:

Green Bay 33 def. Kansas City 22 - This was a no brainer. Kansas City isn't going to make a run for anything and Larry Johnson is basically non-existent. I am, however, impressed by the Packers this year. They have proven to be the real deal and I look forward to the NFC matchup of the Packers Vs. Cowboys. Favre wants to go out with a bang.

Detroit 44 slaughtered Denver 7 - Denver just doesn't have it anymore. For years they were a dominant team. Now, they lack the talent offensively and defensively. Detroit, on the other hand, is convincing more and more that they aren't a joke. I'm still not sold, but Kitna did promise 10 wins at the beginning of the season.

Buffalo 33 def. Cincinnati 21 - Just a meaningless game. The Bengals are another team, like the Broncos, who should be good, but just aren't. As for the bills, its nice to seem them with a .500 record. However, when you play in the same division as the Patriots, no record will really get you a division title.

Atlanta 20 def. San Francisco 16 - Another meaningless game. Its nice to see Harrington get a win.

Tennessee 20 def. Carolina 7 - Vince Young may not be a terrific QB, but unlike many mobile QBs that have come and gone, his team and him find a way to win. Watch out for the Titans in the playoffs.

Tampa Bay 17 def. Arizona 10 - I had no idea Tampa Bay had a winning record. Garcia has yet to throw an interception. He is even more careful with the ball than many of the other top QBs. As for the Cardinals, they are hopeless yet again. The acquisition of James and the Leinart hype was a bust.

Washington 23 upset Jets 20 - I don't recall who was favored in this game, but in my book the Jets were upset. Why? Because yet again, they had the lead going into the fourth quarter, and st it. The Jets have to be one of the most aggravating teams in football. They are not a terrible team, but they just can't seem to hold onto their leads. As for Washington, they are the real deal this year. Sadly, though, the Cowboys and Giants will remain ahead of them in their division.

New Orleans 41 slaughtered Jacksonville 24 - I will admit I am speaking with a bias, but I HATE THE SAINTS! Drew Brees ruined my fantasy team by playing horrible the first 5 weeks of football and now I'm supposed to be convinced that he is back to his MVP form just because he threw almost 450 yards in one game? I'm supposed to be convinced the Saints are back to normal now that Reggie Bush can run in the right direction? Let them score over 40 points 2 more weeks in a row and then I'll tell you I'm convinced. I still wouldn't pick Brees back up on my fantasy team though.

Minnesota 35 shocked San Diego 17 - I have a lot to say about this one. First, the Chargers annoy me because they went from a dominating team to a very inconsistent team. Rivers is overrated and LT (if that's who he is these days) will do decent one week and then poorly the next week. How does the leader in TDs in a single season go from being so good to so bad? He got showed up by a rookie, which leads to my next point. Where did Peterson come from? Did the Vikings realize this talent who they had hibernating. If they would have used Peterson constantly from week 1, I would make an argument that they could be undefeated at this point. Now, they are 3-5 and its a little too late to make a run. But, watch out for them next year.

Cleveland 33 squeaked by Seattle 30 - What an exciting division. Cleveland is finally the real deal this year. Derek Anderson has proved to be good. I had the Ravens making a Wild Card, but having realized the Ravens' offense can't score to save their lives, it wouldn't surprise me if the Browns replaced their spot. This was a hard fought game as Cleveland drove down the field in OT to win by a field goal. If I could ask Seattle one question, I would ask them about the whereabouts of Sean Alexander. Is he even playing anymore?

Houston 24 def. Oakland 17 - A meaningless game. My only comment is the addition of Matt Schaub was a nice move. As David Carr proved on the Panthers, no offensive line could help him from not getting sacked.

New England 24 squeaked by Colts 20 - The reason I say squeaked by, other than the scoring being close, is that the Colts were clearly the dominating team going into the fourth quarter. In fact, I can't recall a time when the Colts were leading the Patriots going into halftime. These two teams have build such a rivalry equivalent to the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox that even those who aren't football fans could appreciate watching these two teams play. Though nothing made me happier than watching the cheating, cocky, arrogant Brady throw interceptions and eat grass (a very rare thing to see), in the end the Patriots proved to be slightly better than the Colts. However, based on how close the score was and that the Patriots did not blow the Colts out of the water, the Colts proved to the world that the Patriots have a little potential to be exploited and beaten when they play a very good team. Now, the downside is the Patriots will most likely go undefeated. The positive news is the Colts will meet them again in the playoffs. If the Colts lose there, then they could always go out and buy the best available receivers, steal signals and radio them to Manning through his helmet, or whatever means to cheat just as the Patriots did. I apologize for speaking with a bias, but this team could get all the rings in the world, but I will always distrust Brady and Belichick.

Dallas 38 Slaughtered Eagles 17 - I stopped watching this game at half. Bottom line: Dallas is the dominant team in the NFC. No team can nearly come close except the Packers. Its as if Dallas is a college team and all the other teams in the NFC are high school teams. Dallas will be in the Super Bowl, but can not contend with the heavy-hitters in the AFC.

There you have it. I'm spent. Oh yea, as for Monday Night, its a must win for the Ravens to make it a 3-way tie in that division. Will it happen? Of course not. Steelers have too much offense while the once scary Ravens defense is nothing more than a crow left at the murder.

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Maximillian said...

Looks like Jerry Jones is not THAT smart afterall, when he sees both his first-round draft picks next season (the Cowboys' and the Browns') sliding down the board more quickly than Adrian Peterson bursting through the Chargers' defence.