Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stephon Marbury Has Issues With The Knicks

I'm not exactly sure what Stephon Marbury's problem(s) are, but his actions have made it clear that he has a problem being honest with the Knicks organization. Instead of being the team player he once was back in his glory days, he is only causing unnecessary drama for the Knicks. This is unfortunate for the Knicks because they are looking better this season than they have in previous years. Apparently, Marbury left the Knicks on Tuesday, skipping his practice. He sent two text messages to the New York Post (that's pretty cool, I didn't know the New York Post had a number you can text) saying that he had permission from coach Isiah Thomas to go home and miss a few days with the team, including a game against the Clippers on Wedsenday. However, Isiah Thomas did not confirm whether he allowed Marbury to just get up and leave. In fact, when he was interviewed, he managed to avoid the topic all together.

Several of Marbury's teammates said his departure took them by surprise, but they expressed no hard feelings. However, before I go off on Marbury for his inappropriate actions and lying to the media, perhaps first I should find out the real reason why Marbury went back home. Maybe a family emergency? That would be an appropriate reason to excuse him. Unfortunatly, my guess is that he is unhappy with the Knicks because speculation from Knicks sources and analysts discerened that his future with the team is in doubt. I don't know if this is true or not, but if it is, then the Knicks should trade him before he disrupts the team chemistry. I believe any player should be traded if they don't have a desire too play for that team. Why have a player who won't give you 100% or, in Marbury's case, just literally walk out. That's not professional nor does it give me a reason to believe he deserves the amount they are paying him, which is $42 million over the next two seasons.

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Dak-Ind said...

Merbury is a dolt, pure and simple. and yet another fine example of what my beloved sport is devolving too. i grew up on larry bird, watching him battle Magic Johnson, or the hated Bill Laimbeer. the guys i watched didnt walk out on their teams, if they did, they never played again, ever, anywhere. now we give guys 42 mil to jack around any way they want and know they will play elsewhere if we dont put up with their crap. sad.