Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just When The Colts Couldn't Get Any Worse....

The Indianapolis Colts already expect Dwight Freeney not to play for several weeks because of a left foot injury, but now there's reason to believe the Pro Bowl defensive end's season might be over. According to ESPN:

Though more tests have to be completed for the team to make a final determination, a source said Tuesday that Freeney might have suffered a Lisfranc injury in Sunday's loss to the San Diego Chargers. If additional tests verify the initial diagnosis of the midfoot injury, the source said Freeney will need season-ending surgery. Players who have suffered Lisfranc injuries, even those not needing surgical repair, have needed months to rehabilitate.

The Colts signed 34-year old Simeon Rice, who was let go by the Broncos on Friday, to replace Freeney. However, he is BY FAR no Dwight Freeney. The combination of Freeney and Mathis off the line proved deadly. In fact, when the Colts played the Patriots, I've never seen Brady more times on the floor all season than I did in that game. Already having lost valuable players on offense which is the reason why the Colts lost to the Chargers (the inexperienced receivers weren't even running the correct routes), now the Colts lost a valuable player on defense who had that capability to pressure QBs and force them to make bad plays or take dives. If the Colts don't get their players healthy soon, in addition to not advancing far in the playoffs, they may also have to end up playing in the first round instead of being one of two teams with a first round bye.

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