Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Interpretation Of Week 10 In The NFL

I was going to wait until the end of the Colts-Chargers game to begin writing this, but as a Colts fan this game is just so bad I have to stop watching before I scream so hard at the television I vomit chunks all over myself.

Buffalo 13 beats Miami 10 - This game almost scared me. No team should EVER lose to Miami this year, but Buffalo almost did. What annoyed me tremendously was seeing Losman playing again. They were doing great and actually winning with Edwards. WHY WOULD YOU BRING LOSMAN BACK!? They almost lost to Miami and even when they were losing Losman stayed in. Bring back Edwards.

Denver 27 beat Kansas City 11 - I was right about Denver beating KC, but they won't be in first place because the way it looks right now San Diego is going to win. This game was a walk in the park for Denver. Kansas City will keep losing for the rest of the year while Denver makes a second half charge for the division lead. When was the last time Denver was not in the playoffs?

Green Bay 34 shut out Minnesota 0 - Peterson was shut down and got injured. That is how you beat the Vikings. Green Bay did what its been doing best this season: win. I must comment on their running game. The rushing yardage was unusually high this week, but still Favre put up amazing passing numbers.

Atlanta 20 beat Carolina 13 - This was close, but I expected Atlanta to win. At least they knew who their QB was.

Philadelphia 33 beat Washington 25 - This was an excellent seesaw game, but all it did was postpone the Eagles inevitable fate of not making the playoffs. They needed to bounce back after that embarrassing loss last week and Westbrook did a nice job of rushing and receiving to lead his team to a win.

Jacksonville 28 beat Tennessee 13 - This was the first game I called wrong. Reviewing the Stats, Young had a bad game (2 interceptions) while the Jaguars went crazy with the running game (3 touchdowns). Now they are tied and it will be a run for the Wild Card between these 2 teams.

I just noticed the score of the Colts-Chargers game is only hope is after 4 interceptions Manning pulls a Romo and comes back to win.....

Pittsburgh 31 beat Cleveland 28 - This was an amazing game. After this seesaw battle, Pittsburgh proved to be the dominant team. But wow, Cleveland's offense is amazing and they proved to be the 4th best team in the AFC. They'll grab the other Wild Card position.

St. Louis 37 FINALLY beats New Orleans 29 - I am very proud of myself for getting this game right. St. Louis had their full squad back and played like the Rams of years past. Drew Brees and New Orleans didn't fool me one bit. Last week's amazing game was a fluke. Don't be sold on this team because the Saints are not the team they once were and any glimmer of hope that they try to sell you, Drew Brees will just throw it away (literally).

Cincinnati 21 beat Baltimore 7 - I'm surprised Baltimore even put up 7. I'll admit, the Ravens defense was good. They held the Bengals to 7 field goals. However, to match that the Ravens would have to score 3 touchdowns....and that is just too big of a task for the Ravens to accomplish.

Chicago 17 beat Oakland 6 - Grossman and Griese split time and actually did well. Their receiving and running game also was stellar. Finally, their defense and special teams were solid. This is a very rare thing when the Bears have all aspects of the game working. As for Oakland, they had McCown as their QB. Enough said.

Dallas 31 beat Giants 20 - This was supposed to be the game of the week. Though it was a great game until Eli Manning made foolish mistakes and screwed up as usual, the Browns-Steelers game was more exciting. I said this many times and I'll say it again: The Giants will never amount to anything with an inconsistent QB like Eli Manning.

Arizona 31 beat Detroit 21 - This was the second game I picked wrong. Detroit will still make a Wild Card, but they need to take advantages of easy games like this. Detroit losing to Arizona leads me to believe they will get crushed when they play the Packers or Cowboys in the playoffs.

At Half: San Diego 23 is embarrassing Colts 7 - Vinatieri just missed an easy field goal. This symbolizes the whole game thus far. In Manning's defense, its not entirely his fault. HE IS PLAYING WITH A BUNCH OF SCRUBS. They only have 17 players on offense, so they can't make substitutions and they are stuck with who they have on the field. There is zero pass protection. The receivers (who the hell are Fletcher and Thorpe) as well as Wayne are messing up routes. In fact, one of Manning's interceptions was a result of Wayne, who decided to just stop running in the middle of the route. If you look at Rivers' numbers thus far, they are horrible, but does it really matter when his opponent's offense are beating themselves. If the Colts don't get their starters back soon, they will end up repeating this game again in the playoffs.

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