Monday, November 12, 2007

Jorge Posada to Remain A New York Yankee

Jorge Posada was just one of many Yankee players projected to possibly leave this team, but he isn't anymore. The New York Yankees and Jorge Posada agreed Monday night to a $52.4 million, four-year contract that keeps the catcher off the free-agent market. Posada decided to remain with the only major league team he has played for despite Joe Torre no longer being present.

Posada produced MVP type numbers this season. He batted .338 with Home Runs and 90 RBIs (very good for a catcher position).

One player down, many to resign. The next player to decide is Mariano Rivera. New York also was trying to re-sign Mariano Rivera before Tuesday, when free agents could start talking money with all clubs. Notice an obvious pattern? 2 of the 4 players who remained so far (Posada and possible Rivera) have been home-grown and loved Yankee players their entire careers. As for the players who left, Alex Rodriguez has not been a Yankee his whole career and a majority wanted him out and Andy Pettitte was a loved Yankee player, but following this trend, has not been a Yankee his whole career and therefore did not feel obliged to stay on the team.

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