Monday, November 12, 2007

MLB Rookies of the Year Announced

MLB has announced the Rookie of the Year for the AL and NL for the 2007 season. They are (drum roll please)...........

AL: Dustin Pedroia - This name seems to show up a lot on this site, but with good reason. He is an amazing player and deserves this award. Not many players would be willing to play or tolerate the pain of having a broken bone in their hand during the last two months of the season. Pedroia won this vote without any second guessing.

NL: Ryan Braun - Ryan squeaked by Troy Tulowitzki to win the vote. If you examine the numbers since his call up to the MLB on May 25, his numbers would be remarkably similar to Alex Rodriguez's without the enormous paycheck. Braun had an average of .324 and 34 Home Runs while A-Rod had an average of .317 and 36 Home Runs. This goes to show you a team doesn't need big, expensive bats to get the job done. The Yankees, for example, should learn from this for next year. Braun will be a household name like A-Rod in the years to follow.

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