Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cotto Beats Mosley in a Great Fight

What a fight this was. This was supposed to be the fight that got Mosley back on the map and in contention to take on Floyd Mayweather. However, it did not turn out this way. Cotto ended up defeating Mosley by decision, and cementing is spot on the Boxing map.

I am a big boxing fan, and it has been a long time since I saw a fight this close. How close was it you may ask; here's a little stat. Both fighters landed EXACTLY the same amount of punches, 248. When was the last time you heard of two fighters landing the same amount of punches?

Though the stats were close, and the fight was very close, I think the decision was correct. Miguel Cotto out boxed Mosley in the second half of this fight, and earned this victory. Cotto now has a record of 31-0 and has a major victory under his belt. I would be looking forward to a Mayweather/Cotto match up.

For Mayweather and Cotto to get in the same ring, Mayweather is going to have to beat Hatton first. Hatton is a good fighter who should give Mayweather some problems, but Mayweather should prevail. He has amazing talent and speed, and when you put those two together you get a deadly fighter.

It looks like the Boxing world is going to have to focus all it's eyes on the upcoming Mayweather-Hatton fight. I am looking forward to it, and I will also look forward to the winner of that fight giving Cotto a chance at the welter-weight championship. Cotto surprised a lot of people last night including myself. He is a rising star, and it looks as if its only a matter of time before he gets that title shot.

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