Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Complete NBA - Eastern Conference Preview

Here is how I see the Eastern Conference breaking down. The 8 playoff teams have (#) next to their names, with the number representing the seed I expect them to get.

Boston Celtics (1): They have the best 1-2-3 punch in the league. The problem is their bench will keep them out of the NBA Finals.

New Jersey Nets (6): Carter has a contract and age hasn't bothered JKidd yet. Look for them to compete again for a playoff spot.

Toronto Raptors (7): Chris Bosh is the best young PF/C in the league. He is going to be a superstar before his career his over, I guarantee it.

New York Knicks: I think they have the worst coach in the league, Isiah Thomas. If they fire him they can make it to the playoffs.

Philadelphia 76ers: The new AI in town is pretty good. The problem, no one else is.

1. Chicago Bulls (2): If they get Kobe, they'll be #1 in the East for sure. If they don't get Kobe, they'll still be in the running for the #1 seed.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers (4): LeBron will continue to grow, however the Cavs refuse to surround him with talent. Last years title run was a joke, don't expect it again.

3. Detroit Pistons (5): Is it just me or does this team bore everyone?

4. Indiana Pacers: Jermaine O'Neal doesn't want to be there. One unhappy All-Star doesn't bode well for this team.

5. Milwaukee Bucks: Michael Redd is good, and T.J Ford has a chance to be a great PG. Other than that, say goodnight to the Bucks.

1. Miami Heat (3): They are still an old team, and they are nowhere near the team that won the title a couple of years back. But they are a division winner so they'll get the 3rd seed.

2. Orlando Magic (8): This is a team I like a lot. They have some good talent, and Dwight Howard is a great young center. However, can they hold it together or will they collapse again?

3. Washington Wizards: The problem is other than the big three who is on this team? One injury to them, and this team is done.

4. Charlotte Bobcats: Michael Jordan is my idol, but what the hell was he thinking trading Branden Wright for Richard Jefferson???

5. Atlanta Hawks: Another meaningless season for the Hawks.

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