Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Patriots - Colts Matchup

Not only do the Patriots win games, but they punish teams. No other team would go for 4th and 1 when you're already up by 5 touchdowns, but the cocky, arrogant Patriots don't care. They have the tools, the cameras, the signals, the non-trustworthy faces, and any other means to win. However, if there is one team (and only 1 team) that can and has been proven to beat the Patriots, that is the Colts.

If the Colts should lose this weekend, I wouldn't be surprised. After all, the Patriots were so angry from losing to the Colts last year that they went out and got some of the best players. The Patriots need to put up 40 points a game to prove to America they are the best. The Colts don't have to prove anything to America because America already knows they are the best because they won the Super Bowl.

Offensively, both teams can score at will. There is no difference in the passing game. A Brady bomb to Moss or Welker is the same as a Manning bomb to Wayne or Harrison. However, their running games are very different. The Patriots have no running game, making them one-dimensional. The Colts, on the other hand, have the little guy Addai who can squeak through any defense and thus enable the Colts to control the clock. In addition, the Colts defense has improved greatly over the year and it can match up to the Patriots defense which actually lost players.

In the end it will be a great game and I will grant this to both teams: Whichever team wins this game will most likely go undefeated for the rest of the season

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