Friday, January 25, 2008

You Have To Love Bill Belichick And Those Sneaky New England Patriots

Bill Belichick would seriously make a great spy or government official. He just does not give up information and handles the media the way they deserve to be handled: by shutting them up. But he doesn't shut them up by yelling or telling them to shut up. He fields questions in such a clever way that the media is left speechless with no answer except feelings of aggravation and embarrassment. I have come to love watching Bill Belichick interviews just because I find it very clever and comical the way he dodges questions, some of which he has no reason to dodge but does so anyway.

The issue of Tom Brady and his high ankle sprain is just for attention. The New England Patriots love attention. With the public starting to jump on the New York Giants bandwagon, the New England Patriots need that attention back so they are secretly making it seem as if Tom Brady is hurt through his absence at practice. Tom Brady injured for the Super Bowl?! Yes, I'm sure this story is turning some heads.

For the second consecutive day, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wasn't in the locker room when reporters and cameramen were allowed inside Friday.

During the 45-minute period, several cameramen lingered near Brady's locker, but he didn't show up. Nor was he there for the first 12 minutes of practice that the media were allowed to watch.

Asked if he could say whether Brady would practice later in the day, Patriots coach Bill Belichick said, "Not now. We'll see."

Brady was photographed in New York City on Monday wearing a protective boot on his right foot. He took it off later in the day and hasn't been photographed wearing it since. He reportedly has a minor high ankle sprain that isn't expected to keep him out of the Super Bowl against the New York Giants on Feb. 3.

Brady wasn't seen during the first 15 minutes of Thursday's workout to which media were admitted, nor in the locker room.

As Belichick was asked Friday to compare the current trip to the Super Bowl to the other three the team has played in, vice president of media relations Stacey James said, "Final question."

One reporter tried to squeeze in another, asking if Belichick could say what Brady did or didn't do on Thursday, the Patriots' first day of practice after a three-day break.

"Was that the last question?" Belichick said with a smile, turning toward James.

"That was the last question," James replied.

With that, Belichick walked from the lectern and out of the room.

Even if he is or is not hurt, what do you care? Tom Brady doesn't need to practice and the Super Bowl is still more than a week away anyway. Even other members of the New England Patriots are joking about Tom Brady's "injury." If it was anything of serious concern, don't you think a team hungry to win like the Patriots wouldn't be taking Brady's injury so lightly? Also, the Patriots already proved that they have many other weapons available other than Tom Brady who can get the job done.

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David said...

As a New England Patriots fan all I can say is enough with Tom Brady already. Tom is just taking a little time off before the pre-super bowl week practices. I have it on good authority that Tom was spotted having lunch at a small roadside diner outside Memphis with Elvis.