Friday, January 25, 2008

Oakland Raiders Head Coach Refuses To Obey Owner's Call To Resign

Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis sent a letter to Lane Kiffin recently asking for the coach to resign, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports.

Kiffin has refused to resign, he told Mortensen.

The Raiders finished 4-12 in Kiffin's first season as coach.

First off, don't you find it kind of strange and unprofessional the way the owner is letting the coach know he wants him gone? Through a letter? The owner can't even make a phone call or confront the coach. Who sends letters anymore?

Second, the Oakland Raiders head coach didn't do such a terrible job for his first year, considering he didn't have much to work with. He had no quarterback, receivers, and a defense barely worth mentioning. This is a team who is trying to rebuild, but how can a team rebuild if that team fires their head coach after his first year? At least he didn't do as bad as Cam Cameron on the Miami Dolphins.

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