Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One Of The Most Ridiculous Statements I Ever Heard Was In Today's Congressional Hearing With George Mitchell

I'm watching the congressional hearing on steroids at this moment and heard one of the most ridiculous statements.

First of all, I was pleased that Congress acknowledged the fact that MLB officials knew about steroids through the past decades and let the usage of steroids slide. This confirms my theory on steroids as a conspiracy in baseball.

However, I am not one of the millions of fans (as the spokes person stated) who felt cheated, angered, or believed baseball was a fraud. Why not? Because up until Jose Canseco's book I WAS entertained by baseball. Even if the players were cheating, the public didn't have to know about it. Ignorance is bliss.

One of the congressional women stated something along the lines that if people like me were entertained by players who used steroids, then there is no difference between a baseball game and a Britney Spears concert...................What the hell is that supposed to mean? Was she serious? She couldn't have been. Maybe I misinterpreted her statement, but still, that statement does not fit anywhere in this argument and is one of the dumbest comparisons I ever heard. Baseball is baseball and music is music and I'll be entertained by both by whatever means necessary. IF I was a Britney Spears fan and found out she was taking steroids (for whatever reason I don't know)....I would still go to her concert to be entertained. I wouldn't like her any less nor would it take away from her music.

That comparison was so bad that the congressional woman who stated it has lost all credibility in my eyes and her whole speech became one big waste. In fact, I stopped watching after that.

Why not make drugs that aren't detectable. I'm sure with today's new technology and modern understanding of drugs and medicine that this task is completely possible. Face it, steroids are never going to go away. Instead of accusing them of cheating, just make the players take them at their own risk if they so choose to. Now shut up and be entertained like you were before this whole steroid controversy spiraled out of control.

Its ridiculous now how these same players who tried to entertain us by whatever means necessary are getting chewed and ripped apart by the media and the public. Baseball fans are turning their backs on the very players they loved when all they wanted to do was win the game for their fans. Shame on baseball fans.

And a lot of these baseball players used steroids as a therapeutic and quicker way to recover. There should be nothing wrong with that. I want to see my favorite baseball player back on the field as soon as possible just like other fans.

Remembers, sports is all about the fans and making money. If this steroid controversy is as big as it seems, I guarantee in the future fans will stop watching and going to games and revenues will drop. Home runs won't be hit as frequently and games will have boring scores of 3-2 and 1-0. Chicks love the long ball. Thanks, Jose Canseco and George Mitchell. You're in the process of ruining baseball.

Ah, what do I know? I'm just a baseball fan...

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