Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jose Canseco Has Been Silenced....For Now

Former Sports Illustrated associate editor Don Yaeger, who had initially planned on collaborating on Jose Canseco's next book, has decided against working with the former slugger, according to a published report.

"I'm passing," Yaeger told the New York Daily News. "I had a chance to review the Jose Canseco [material] that he provided me. I don't think there's a book there. I don't know what they're going to do. I don't think he's got what he claims to have, certainly doesn't have what he claims to have on A-Rod. There's no meat on the bones."

Canseco finalized a deal for his sequel to "Juiced" and it is expected to hit bookstores by Opening Day of the 2008 season, two New York newspapers reported last month. The working title of the book is "Vindicated."

As I said in an earlier article, Canseco at this point is just pointing fingers and acting like a baby. He doesn't have the evidence he claims to have and he's just starting rumors. For the matter, I can target any player and claim he's using steroids. That's basically what he's doing. Except, he's targeting potential Hall Of Fame candidates as a means to get back at the MLB for not voting him in.

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