Friday, December 7, 2007

Shaquille O' Neal Adds More Fire To The Heat

In a season where the Miami Heat are on the complete opposite side of the winning spectrum with a 4-14 record, the last thing they need is for one of their star players to start mouthing off.

Well, now the Heat have to deal with the wrath of Shaq

Shaquille O'Neal once again is less than pleased with his role in the Miami Heat's offense and, once again, he let everyone know it.

After the Heat's 14th loss in 18 games to start the season, a 112-106 loss to Portland on Thursday night, O'Neal said his teammates need to feed him the ball more.

Several weeks ago, teammate Dwyane Wade called O'Neal out for not being motivated enough to turn his game around and shake Miami out of a lousy 1-8 start.

But, O'Neal said Thursday, his game is fine and the Heat would be better if they looked for him more often. "If I'm taking 20 shots a game, and I'm only making two, then you can say my production is going down," O'Neal said, "but I'm still shooting 60 or 65 percent from the field. So they've got to find better ways to get me the ball. It should be simple."

Maybe I just don't understand this quote, but if Shaq says he is taking 20 shots a game and he is only making 2....wouldn't that be a shooting percentage of 10%? Why would you want a player who says he is going to only make 10% of his shots?! Think before you talk Shaq. Then again, I'm just breaking his quote down using logic.

Shaq and Dwayne Wade are doing a decent job....its everybody around the Heat who are playing poorly and I don't think old fossil Shaq can be the difference maker for this team. Last year they started off poorly and made the playoffs, but with the East becoming better and better, their season can't be saved this year.

Through Thursday, O'Neal is shooting 59 percent from the floor while averaging 15 points and 7.7 rebounds per game.

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