Saturday, December 8, 2007

Brian Billick Still Loves Rodney Harrison

According to ESPN:

Brian Billick isn't a kiss-and-tell guy, so fans who watched the exchange between the Baltimore Ravens' coach and Rodney Harrison Monday night may never know exactly what the Patriots veteran strong safety said to provoke one of the funniest moments of the season.

Rodney Harrison


Brian Billick


But league officials apparently have some idea.

Lost amid the $70,000 in fines levied against four Ravens players for their actions and comments during and after the Monday night loss to the Patriots -- including a fine of $25,000 for linebacker Bart Scott, who drew two unsportsmanlike conduct fouls, and heaved an official's penalty flag into the stands -- was a fine of $5,000 levied against Harrison.

The 14-year veteran was cited by the NFL for taunting the Ravens following a fourth-quarter interception by Patriots free safety James Sanders on a deep pass by Kyle Boller that quashed a Baltimore scoring drive.

On Sanders' return to near-midfield, Harrison was blocking. When the play ended, he was near the Ravens sideline. Television cameras did not show Harrison saying anything, but they did catch the reaction from Billick, who sarcastically blew three kisses in the direction of the safety.

The replay of Billick was shown repeatedly in the days following the game.

"He said a few things about me, Kyle [Boller], and my team and I just want him to know first, we love you Rodney, and secondly you can kiss my back side," Billick said. "But, I don't take offense to what Rodney did and I hope he doesn't misinterpret my gestures, because he's not that good-looking a guy."

One of the most heavily sanctioned players in recent league history, Harrison has been fined more than a quarter-million dollars in his career. He also forfeited $470,588 of his $2 million base salary this season when he was suspended for the first four games of the year for a violation of the league's steroid and related-substances policy.

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