Sunday, December 2, 2007

Number 1 Seed Missouri And Number 2 Seed West Virginia Both Lose

In an already crazy season of improbable twists and turns, now this: No. 2 West Virginia is done in by unranked Pittsburgh, and No. 1 Missouri is blown away by Oklahoma. Taken from ESPN:

Rich Rodriguez could barely get the words out. He paused. He shook his head. He looked down at the table in front of him, as if searching for a way to describe how West Virginia let its chance at a national title slip away.

Eventually the Mountaineers' coach came up with this.

"It was just a nightmare," he said. "The whole thing was a nightmare."

In a season defined by upsets, the second-ranked Mountaineers became the latest to be felled by the curse of No. 2, falling to their fierce rival Pittsburgh 13-9 Saturday night.

A win away from playing for the national championship, the Mountaineers (10-2, 5-2 Big East) were expected to roll over rival Pittsburgh (5-7, 3-4) in the 100th Brackyard Brawl on their way to New Orleans for the Bowl Championship Series title game.

No way. Not in this unpredictable season, when nothing has gone according to plan and upsets have become so frequent the word itself has almost lost its meaning.

Pitt, which had lost four of the last five to West Virginia and allowed 45 points to the Mountaineers in each of the last two games in the series, celebrated the biggest victory of coach Dave Wannstedt's three lackluster seasons.

Meanwhile, bad news dawned on another team....

The top-ranked Tigers' BCS dreams died Saturday night at the hands -- and feet -- of the Sooners in the Big 12 title game.

No. 9 Oklahoma, a regular at Big 12 titles, showed Missouri what it takes to win one: defense and a bruising running game near the goal line.

Oklahoma rushed for three touchdowns, quarterback Sam Bradford threw for two more and the Sooners coolly captured their fifth Big 12 championship since 2000, upending the upstart Tigers 38-17 Saturday night in the Alamodome.

The Sooners are the first team in Big 12 history to win consecutive titles.

"It's an unbelievable feeling," Oklahoma redshirt freshman quarterback Sam Bradford said after his teammates hoisted their trophy. "It feels amazing."

Now that the Tigers are out of the Bowl Championship Series title game, the question is "Who's in?"

With No. 1 Missouri (11-2) and No. 2 West Virginia both losing Saturday, No. 3 Ohio State gets a boost into the Jan. 7 title game in New Orleans. Sunday's BCS rankings will decide what opponent gets an unexpected chance to play for the national championship.

My vote for the BCS bowl game....bring back the Ducks! Have them play Hawaii. Ohio State already had their shot for the #1 spot and blew it. I mean, c'mon Hawaii is undefeated! Why shouldn't they be in the championship game?

While the nation waits to see who gets into the overall championship game, I want to propose a simple idea I'm sure many have thought about already that would make this whole situation easier. Why not use a playoff system like they do in basketball to determine ONE championship game instead of having all these mini-bowls? Its unfair how a team can go unbeaten the whole season and still be ranked 11 and not be in the BCS bowl. I understand that strength of schedule has a lot to do with it, but still, a win is a win. That's like saying if the Patriots go undefeated this season, they should be ranked 5th because they played teams like the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins.

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