Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Interpretation of Week 13 of the NFL

I just want to say how unexciting this week was for me. Other than the Packers-Cowboys game and the Jaguars-Colts game, nothing else excited me. Oh well, onto the games:

Dallas 37 beat Green Bay 27 - I already said what I thought about this game in a previous post. In a nutshell, Dallas has separated themselves from the rest of the NFC and my theory of a quarterback not having a lot of experience is thrown out the window.

Tennessee 28 beat Houston 20 - Just when I was ready to give up on Vince Young and the Titans, Young rallies to lead his team to victory and keep their hopes alive for a Wild Card spot. Meanwhile, Houston's season is done, but they made a better effort than I expected and in their process of rebuilding should be even stronger next year.

Indianapolis 28 beat Jacksonville 25 - OK. I want to meet the bright analysts who actually ranked the Jaguars ahead of the Colts in the power rankings! That implies that Garrard is better than Manning. Well, this victory, though a slim one, should answer any questions to which team is better. The Colts pretty much clinched their division with this victory, but the Jags are still in it for the Wild Card.

San Diego 24 beat Kansas City 10 - This was a no brainer. LT and the Chargers finally decided to charge their battery towards the end of the season. They have that division won. Keep an eye on them in the playoffs.

St. Louis 28 beat Atlanta 16 - I figured this would be a coin toss win, but too much Rams offense in this one gave them a victory. Always nice to see Stephen Jackson do well.

New York Jets 40 beat Miami 13 - And I actually picked Miami to get their first win. What was I thinking. However, I haven't seen the Jets play this good the whole season. Who knew? If last week's 3-0 loss to the Steelers was Miami's best shot to get their first win, this week was also a very good opportunity. Now I'm convinced never to pick Miami for the rest of the season.

Minnesota 42 beat Detroit 10 - Did Adrian Peterson have some kind of knee injury? You would never have been able to tell based on his performance this game. He is truly amazing. The Vikings deserve a Wild Card spot and keep an eye on them in the playoffs. Jackson has also been playing decent recently.

Seattle 28 beat Philadelphia 24 - This was a close game, but Feeley's 3 interceptions (especially when they were in position to win) cost the Eagles the game. I'm torn now. Do I want McNabb's inconsistency back or stick with Feeley who was never great to begin with? The Eagles have quarterback issues. Meanwhile, Seattle continues to hold their lead in their division over Arizona.

Buffalo 17 beat Washington 16 - This game upset me. I can't believe after Sean Taylor's death the NFL allowed the Bills to squeak by the Redskins by a point at the very end of the game. I figured out of respect the Redskins would win. I guess Buffalo still wants a Wild Card. Fat chance that is going to happen.

Carolina 31 beat San Fransisco 14 - Another no brainer. The most notable thing here is that Testaverde led the Panthers to their first home win of the season.

Oakland 34 beat Denver 20 - This was probably a surprise to many. Denver just loss any chance of winning their division and will not be in the playoffs since I can remember. Behind McCown's arm, the Raiders ended their 5 game skid to the Broncos.

Arizona 27 beat Browns 21 - This didn't surprise me too much as well. Though the Browns are a powerhouse offense, they simply made too many mistakes in this game and the Cardinals are not a team you want to be making mistakes to because they've been hot as of late.

New York Giants 21 beat Chicago 16 - Don't let the Giants 8-4 record fool you. The Bears squandered their lead in this game and Eli performed pretty bad like he always does. The Giants are a team who will get smacked in the first round by whoever they play.

Tampa Bay 27 beat New Orleans 23 - The Buccaneers, probably because of the poor division they play in, aren't talked about often. However, with a deserving 8-4 record (unlike the Giants who don't deserve to be 8-4), they are a force to reckon with.

Pittsburgh 17 is beating (at halftime) Cincinnati 7 - After a good start to the Bengals offense, they are down by 10 at half. I expect the Steelers to continue to roll all over them.

For Monday

New England Vs Baltimore - I find it funny how Belichick singled out Reed on the Ravens defense and flattered him so much. What he is doing is trying to mentally psyche that defense out. He is trying to make them think they are superior so it looks that much better when the Patriots run up the score and embarrass them. I hate you, Belichick. Sad thing is, that's what is going to happen.

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