Monday, December 24, 2007

My Interpretation Of Week 16 In The NFL

This week was so important that instead of going through each game, I'm only going to write about the games that are meaningful in some way. There's great debate over which teams played hard and which teams didn't because they either locked up a seed in the playoffs and don't want to hurt their starters or they have nothing to play for anymore.

New York Giants 38 beat Buffalo 21 - This win was incredibly important for the Giants. If they would have lost, they would have lost to the Patriots next week and their chances of making a Wild Card would have been very slim. However, because of this win, they clinched the fifth seed. Neither rain, sleet nor snow -- and not even Bills tight end Kevin Everett's inspirational return to Buffalo -- could prevent the New York Giants from clinching a playoff berth Sunday. A rediscovered running attack and an opportunistic defense carried the Giants past the Bills and the elements in a 38-21 win. I notivced how the Giants, at least for this important game, didn't put their trust in Eli Manning, who only threw for 15 passes and 2 interceptions. He was terrible again. He can't play in cold weather. If the Giants are going to advance in the playoffs, they need to do it through the ground game, which was amazing today. Now, will the Giants play lights out football against the Patriots to try to be the only team to stop them in their final week or will they rest? They should play their hardest and consider next week a trial run for the playoffs.

Chicago 35 beat Green Bay 7 - This was totally unexpected and surprising. The three-time MVP, Brett Favre, was at his worst, and now, Green Bay can forget about the No. 1 seed in the NFC. Brian Urlacher returned an interception for a touchdown for the first time in his career, Adrian Peterson ran for 102 yards, and the Chicago Bears beat the Packers 35-7 on a frigid Sunday afternoon. The loss wiped out the Packers' shot at home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Packers needed to win this game, beat Detroit next week and have Dallas lose to Washington to capture the No. 1 seed. Instead, it goes to the Cowboys, with Green Bay locked in at No. 2. Here's what Favre had to say: "I've been playing 17 years, and that was the worst condition I've ever played in." THATS A TERRIBLE Excuse. He's been playing in one of those harshest weather-conditioned stadiums of all time. He should be used to poor weather.

Cincinnati 19 beat Cleveland 14 - Again, this was a shocker to me. What happened to the amazing Browns offense? Anderson threw four interceptions Sunday, two of them setting up rapid-fire touchdowns in a 19-14 victory by the Cincinnati Bengals that left the upstart Browns scrambling for a playoff spot instead of celebrating one. The bottom line is that if the Titans pull off a win against the Colts, who will probably rest their starters most of the game, then the Browns are out regardless if they win.

Indianapolis 38 beat Houston 15 - This was a breeze as the Colts scored 38 unanswered points. Peyton Manning looked sharp, Indy's running game was efficient, the defense forced three turnovers and there was no letdown Sunday in what's likely to be the Colts final postseason tuneup. They are ready for the playoffs, with or without Marvin Harrison. What's wrong with that guy's knee anyway? Is it decapitated or something?

San Fransisco 21 beat Tampa Bay 19 - The only reason why I mention this game is because Tampa Bay is an example of a team who already clinched and could care less if they lose to a less than par team like the 49ers. By resting most of its playmakers, Tampa Bay also got everything it wanted out of a game that only held real meaning for Bryant Young, the 49ers' stalwart defensive tackle.

Tennessee 10 beat New York Jets 6 - The Tennessee Titans have a chance to win their way into their first playoff berth since 2003, thanks to help from Cincinnati. Pro Bowler Kyle Vanden Bosch had three of Tennessee's six sacks and Chris Brown ran for a touchdown as the Titans beat the New York Jets 10-6 on Sunday for their third victory in four games and their first winning season since 2003. The Titans (9-6) knew the Bengals defeated the Cleveland Browns 19-14, giving them the edge in tiebreakers if tied at 10-6 for the AFC's final wild-card berth once the regular season ends. It gave them a boost, but they still had to beat the Jets (3-12), which they did. Now, if they beat the Colts next week, they are automatically in. Now, if I was the Colts I would be asking myself whether I would let the Titans win or have the Browns in the playoffs. Since the Colts own the Titans and beat them all the time, I'd let them win and beat them in the playoffs.

New England 28 beat Miami 7 - Bill Belichick and the Patriots are complete liars when they say they don't care about the records. You know they want to break every record they can. They already have 3 Super Bowl wins, so now they want the records too.

Washington 32 beat Minnesota 21 - Playing the kind of hard-nosed, harder-hitting defense that fallen teammate Sean Taylor was famous for, the Washington Redskins shut down Adrian Peterson and set up two early touchdowns with interceptions to take control of their playoff fate with a 32-21 victory over the sloppy Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night. Peterson had nowhere to go all night, gaining just 27 yards on nine carries. Tarvaris Jackson's rebound from a disastrous start came too little, too late for the Vikings (8-7), who could have clinched a playoff berth with a win. The Vikings don't impressive me anymore and they are simple to beat. If you shut down the running game, which hasn't been so hard lately, they have nothing else going for them. Now, if Minnesota and Washington lose next week, and the Saints win next week, the Saints are automatically in. Right now, the Vikings and Redskins are tied for the last seed.

Dallas 20 beat Carolina 13 - Its official now. The Cowboys are statistically the #1 team in the NFC.

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