Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cowboys At Panthers: Where's Jessica Simpson When You Need Her?

Milwaukeeworld Publishing,, is currently offering a free Jessica Simpson cutout mask, for Panthers and Packers fans alike. This Saturday, December 22nd at 8 p.m. (EST) the 12-2 Dallas cowboys travel to the Bank of America stadium in Charlotte, N.C. to take on the 6-8 Carolina Panthers. The game will be aired on the NFL Network.

"After Tony Romo's dismal display in Dallas' loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last week, Terrell Owens seemingly blamed his quarterback's 22.2 passer rating on a particular blonde in the crowd. Now Milwaukeeworld Publishing is giving people the chance to be that blonde at the Cowboys next game against the Carolina Panthers this weekend," said Craig Peterson, owner and founder of Milwaukeeworld Publishing.

Visit to print, snip and sport a Jessica face when the game starts this Saturday at 8 p.m. (EST).

Milwaukeeworld created the mask after the Cowboys second defeat of the season this past Sunday at Texas Stadium, which was surrounded in controversy by Simpson's appearance at the game. Outspoken wide receiver Terrell Owens said, "Right now Jessica Simpson is not a fan favorite in this locker room or in Texas Stadium."

"Romo has a recent history of going down in front of blondes. In the 2006/07 NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys lost to Philadelphia at home 23-7, resulting in Romo's second worst game to date. At that game was then-girlfriend and American Idol winner Carrie Underwood," said Peterson.

Coincidentally, Romo's first ever start in the NFL was at the Panthers on October 29th, 2006, with Dallas recording a 35-14 victory. The 6-8 Panthers need a win this time around to keep its playoff hopes alive, so if you are a Carolina fan, why not visit and obtain your free Jessica Simpson mask.


A new website is taking aim at Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. is a site, where fans of opponents playing the Cowboys, can download and print out a stick mask of Romo’s love interest Jessica Simpson.

There are numerous other sites offering free heads of Jessica Simpson as well. So, apparently this issue of Romo and Simpson is not dying down. In fact, its only going to get worse. The Cowboys really need home field advantage throughout the playoffs now. I guarantee that in any away games they play, there will be waves of thousands of Jessica Simpson faces in the crowds. Its rather annoying, especially since she isn't responsible for Romo's poor performance and Terrell Owens wanted attention by making a joke like that. Also, their are better looking girls than Jessica Simpson I'd rather see the faces of multiplied in the crowds.

After the remarks Terrell Owens made about Jessica Simpson in which he later said he was joking, I wonder how many times Tony Romo is going to throw the ball to him this week.

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