Friday, November 16, 2007

Yankees To Acquire Mike Lowell?

The New York Yankees, already establishing a new deal with Alex Rodriguez, are now speculating on whether to go after Mike Lowell of the Boston Red Sox. This story is in the preliminary stages...where it should stay. You know, this is so like the Yankees and the reason I have a problem with them. They always go after big star players with the thrill of offering more money and the chance to play in New York. Well, everyone should learn from A-Rod's experience. Playing in New York is by no means a thrill. Players shouldn't sell themselves by going to a team simply because they offer them more money, which is what the New York media market always does. AND why are the Yankees going after the MVP player from Boston? Isn't Boston supposed to be the Yankees' rival team. Why would a player from the Red Sox EVER go to the Yankees and vice-versa. If it's because of more money, then they should be ashamed of themselves. Damon already left the Red Sox to go to the Yankees and I better not see Lowell do the same thing.

Where the Red Sox were the only team that could negotiate with Lowell through midnight on Monday, others now can make offers. It's not known if the Yankees and Lowell's agents have advanced beyond the discussion phase.

Lowell followed a superlative regular season -- career highs in batting average (.324) and RBIs (120) to go with 21 home runs in 154 games -- with an outstanding October. In Boston's four-game sweep of Colorado, Lowell hit .400 (6-for-15) with four RBIs, three walks and a team-high six runs in winning. He homered, doubled and scored twice in the Game 4 clincher at Denver's Coors Field.


Kimbo The Bimbo said...

No one is more crazed about the Yanks talking to Lowell than I am. This is what they do. They don't even need Lowell! They want to use him at first?! Are you kidding me??
He's a World Series MVP that played 3rd base! They only want him because he's a Red Sox and they love to make Red Sox fans suffer. Honestly, I see Lowell staying in Boston. He loves playing here, the chemistry and he loves the fans. He knows he wont get that playing with the Yanks. Seriously, do you think at this stage of his career he wants to play another position?
However, if it did happen, good for Lowell. They want to throw 4 years and 60 million at him. He'll be unhappy but he'll retire a very rich man.

Michael Vinciguerra said...

Wow...and I'm not even a Yankees OR Red Sox fan and I'm mad about this. I could only imagine how Red Sox fans must feel if Lowell sells out to the Yankees.....