Saturday, November 17, 2007

Football Predictions for Week 11

Once again another weekend of great games are upon us. Here's my predictions of the games to come:

Carolina Vs Green Bay - This is a no-brainer. Keep riding the Packers until they prove the world wrong. Favre wants another Super Bowl win before he retires. Look for the running game to step up again this week.

Oakland Vs. Minnesota - I like Oakland in this one. Minnesota already showed that without Peterson, they can't win.

San Diego Vs. Jacksonville - I like this game. Both teams know a win is absolutely crucial. Even though San Diego's defense mauled the Colts last week, what you have to understand is Peyton Manning was playing alone on offense and still he almost one if it wasn't for a missed field goal. Therefore, I take Jacksonville to win at home.

Arizona Vs Cincinnati - I keep trying to believe in Cincinnati's offense, but that team just isn't the same. Meanwhile, Arizona is just 1 game out of first place in their division. Therefore, I pick Arizona to win on the road.

Kansas City Vs Indianapolis - I don't care who the Colts are playing. They are NOT going to lose three . Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy are too intelligent and skilled to let that happen.

New Orleans Vs. Houston - This is a good game of evenly matched mediocre teams. After losing last week badly to the Rams, New Orleans will try to prove that they aren't as bad as I make them out to be and will bounce back this week.

New York Giants Vs Detroit - This is a good battle of two potential Wild Card teams. Though they will both probably still make the Wild Card, I pick Detroit to win this one at home while the Giants continue to struggle to make it in.

Cleveland Vs Baltimore - The Ravens are still technically not out of a Wild Card spot yet, but after this week they will be.

Miami Vs Philadelphia - Just like you keep picking the Patriots until they lose, you also keep picking Miami's opponents until Miami wins.

Tampa Bay Vs Atlanta - Atlanta's switch of quarterbacks won't help this boring offense against another boring offense. Tampa Bay's boring offense will win this one.

Pittsburgh Vs. Jets - I don't feel I need to comment in this fairly obvious decision.

Chicago Vs Seattle - Seattle will win this at home to predict their slim lead for first in their division.

Washington Vs Dallas - Washington is not as good as they were in the beginning of the season and Dallas has been dominant throughout. Dallas will roll in this one.

St. Louis Vs San Fransisco - Now that the Rams have their offense back in which they looked great last week, the 49ers should be an easy team for them to get their second win.

New England Vs Buffalo - Why in the hell is this a Sunday night game? Do they want to show Buffalo get embarrassed...OR perhaps they are predicting the upset of the year on Sunday night football. Na, New England should roll on Buffalo.

Tennessee Vs Denver - This is the game of the week as far as importance goes. Denver needs to win to tie for first as long as San Diego loses, which I predicted they will. Meanwhile Tennessee needs to uphold their Wild Card spot. Though Vince Young isn't the greatest QB, Tennessee is the better team and should pull a win out of Mile High Stadium.

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David Stefanini said...

Pittsburgh vs NY Jets..... sure you don't want to comment on this "obvious pick".... lol