Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sports and Celebrities Fuse Together

Joe Namath had one of the best careers of any athlete. He must have, because Universal Studios have chosen his life to be the subject of their next multi-million dollar movie. Universal Studios will make a movie about the Hall of Fame quarterback, with Jake Gyllenhaal as the lead actor to play Namath.

The film will recount Namath's journey from Beaver Falls, Pa. to Alabama to New York, where Jets owner Sonny Werblin bet a then unheard-of $400,000 on Namath giving the struggling Jets and the AFL instant credibility. "Broadway Joe" became a sports hero, a celebrity pitchman and a sex symbol in New York as the Jets won Super Bowl III.

The executive producer of this film, Jimmy Walsh, compared this film to Forest Gump, saying that most of the scenes in Forest Gump is what Joe lived through. However, no title that I know of has been announced for this movie.

In other celebrity news, the leader singer from Motley Crue had to skip his solo performance. The Steelers apologized Tuesday for omitting a performance of the national anthem by Motley Crue lead singer, Vince Neil, before the nationally televised game against the Miami Dolphins at Heinz Field. In the Steelers' defense, I don't blame them one bit for skipping the national anthem. In fact, that game was such a disaster they should have skipped three quarters and went right to the end. Would the crowd really have been able to appreciate the national anthem when they were so focused on the downpour of rain and lightning and the marsh they called a football field?

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