Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Football Predictions for Week 13 of the NFL

I have to start writing out my predictions earlier during the week now that the NFL network will be airing games on Thursday night. Speaking of which....


Green Bay At Dallas - If the Pats-Colts game was the most anticipated game of the year, this has to be the second. A battle of 10-1 nearly perfect teams (and the Cowboys would have been perfect if it wasn't for those pesky Patriots). Let's look at this game scientifically:

Receiving : Dallas > Green Bay - Dallas has T.O. whos tops in the league next to Moss
Rushing : Green Bay > Dallas - Grant on the Packers has convinced me the Packers do have a very good running game now, even though Favre doesn't use him much.
Special Teams: Green Bay = Dallas - About even. No one has a Hester to stand out.
Passing: Green Bay > Dallas - In no way am I saying Romo is anything less than an amazing quarterback, but Favre is having his career year and experience will beat out inexperience when it comes time to make crucial plays or even more important, not screwing up at the wrong time.
Overall: Green Bay > Dallas

I figured I'd give that game special treatment. Now for the rest of the games:


Houston At Tennessee - This game can go either way because at this point I don't know what to expect from Young and the Titans, except perhaps not scoring like they used too. Houston has more offensive power and I select them to win.

Jacksonville At Indianapolis - This game seriously decides the division. The Colts are playing at home and there players are only getting more healthy as time goes by. Peyton and Dungy know they have to win and they'll put the suddenly surging Jaguars in their place.

San Diego At Kansas City - San Diego was just charging their battery all year to go on a tear at the end of the season and the Chiefs are just another team in their way.

Atlanta At St. Louis - The Rams at home should be able to put up more points and take care of the Falcons

New York Jets At Miami - I've been hearing lots of talk about how the Jets are actually as bad as Miami. Well, this is there week to prove they are not. However, to be fair, this is the most evenly matched game Miami will have for the rest of the season. The Jets are 0-5 away, but the Dolphins are 0-5 at home. It doesn't get any worse. I'm going to take a risk and say the Miami Dolphins will get their first win at home (it worked when I called the Rams beating the Saints).

Detroit At Minnesota - This is a great game because Detroit has to win to say in contention for the Wild Card (but they have been slipping) while the Vikings are coming off a tremendous momentum shifting win against the Giants. I call the Vikings to win this game and ruin any chances the Lions have of making the playoffs.

Seattle At Philadelphia - Another great game because the Eagles, coming off a terrible start, are right there for a Wild spot. However, the Eagles only did as well as they did last week because Feeley know how to pick apart the Patriots defense. The Eagles are not that good and if McNabb plays, he will cough up the ball like he always does. I pick the Hawks to win this game.

Buffalo At Washington - Even with Edwards starting, after the terrible tragedy that happened to Sean Taylor, the Redskins are going to win to honor the fallen member of their team.

San Fransisco At Carolina - There isn't really a lot to say about these teams. The Panthers are big disappoint to me and they are no where near the team they were a few years ago. However, they are still better than the 49ers.

Denver Vs Oakland - Denver is in a dogfight with the Chargers to win that division and this game against Oakland is simply one of those games they must win to stay in contention.

Cleveland Vs Arizona - Poor Arizona. Just when I thought they actually had a shot at a Wild Card and even winning their division, they have to play the powerhouse Browns. This will be a tremendously high scoring game because the Cardinals always find a way to keep things interesting, especially with Warner as their QB, but the Browns will score more and win.

New York Giants At Chicago - If this was the Bears defense of the last 2 years, then I would enjoy watching Eli throw another 4 interceptions. However, the Bears are not what they used to be and the Giants need to bounce back after that terrible loss last week.

Tampa Bay At New Orleans - Perhaps the most quietest team in the league, the Bucs sit at the top of their division with a respectable 7-4 record. Maybe that division is so bad nobody wants to even bring them into conversation. The Saints are another 5-6 team fighting for a Wild Card spot, but they'll be one of the 5-6 teams that lose this week.

Cincinnati At Pittsburgh - Last Monday's sloppy win didn't tell me anything about the Steelers. The Bengals are coming off a three touchdown performance from Palmer and that offense looks like the Bengals offense it should have been. Even still, the Steelers should be too much for the Bengals in another high scoring game this week.


New England At Baltimore - Another national televised night game for the Patriots and another chance too show off how good they are. My only hope is that the Ravens follow the so called "blurprint" that the Eagles drew up to beating them, but that won't happen. The Ravens are a completely different team from the Eagles.

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