Friday, November 30, 2007

Reaction to the 100th Post

Michael Vinciguerra has done a magnificent job of breaking down the top 100 athletes. I agree with 99% of what he has said. However at the end he says this statement:

"Lets face it. Michael Jordan was the biggest baseball bust. However, he was the greatest offensive player in NBA history. "

Now Michael states he was a huge baseball bust; why? The year that Jordan went to try playing in MLB, there was the strike. If there was no strike, Jordan would have been picked up by a major league team. Lets also forget that was the equivalent of his rookie season. He stole 30 bases in 127 games, and had an OBP of .289. He walked 51 times and was just beginning to adjust. I am not claiming Jordan was a great baseball player because he was not. But do not discredit the fact that he would have been a major league ball player. and after a couple of years of playing professionally he probably would have been an every day players.

Now I can not disagree with that more. Sure His Royal Airness was the best offensive player in the history of the game, but Jordan was also the best defensive guard of his era. Let's now forget this amazing accomplishment. In 1988 Michael Jordan averaged a remarkable 35 ppg. And he also won the Defensive Player of the Year in 1988! Not only was he the best offensive player in the game he was the best defensive player in the game. Lets forget all the scoring titles, MVP's, and NBA Championships. 9 times in his career Jordan was voted on the All Defensive Team. He was voted their 9 straight seasons (in which he played an entire season).

I leave you with this. One of the most exciting blocks in NBA history. Performed by a, then older Michael Jordan:

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