Friday, November 30, 2007

My Thoughts On The Packers-Cowboys Game

First, I have no idea why a game of this enormous magnitude and popularity was seen on the NFL Network instead of a Sunday or Monday night football game. Not everyone has the NFL network. The NFL doesn't mind showing the Patriots win for the third Sunday or Monday night in a row (which gets boring after awhile), but they don't show a game that matters more and has major implications

Why do I emphasize the Packers-Cowboys game matters so greatly? Because the Dallas Cowboys have finally ended the debate over who is the best team in the NFC and most likely won home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The world already knows how good the Patriots are and we don't need to see that every week.

I did originally pick the Packers to win. However, if I could of foresaw Favre getting injured in just the 2nd quarter of play, I would have easily picked the Cowboys. Favre was hit hard while throwing a pass that was intercepted in the second quarter, leaving his status for Green Bay's next game against Oakland on Dec. 9 and his NFL-record run of 249 straight starts in question.

The Packers lost to the Cowboys 37-27, though Aaron Rodgers did a great job backing up Favre with 201 yards and his first career touchdown on short notice.

Al Harris has to be the worst cornerback I've watched play in a while. He looked as if he didn't have a clue where he was. The Packers picked on him all night, especially Terrell Owens, who blew right by the guy almost every time for 156 yards and a touchdown. Terrell Owens is equally as talented as Randy Moss.

Tony Romo was impressive as usual with 309 yards and 4 TDs in a game which clinched a playoff berth for the Cowboys. These two teams will meet again in the playoffs for the NFC Championship, but after watching the Packers play yesterday, even with a healthy Favre, they still won't be able to top the Cowboys.

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