Monday, November 19, 2007

Mariano Rivera Will Remain With The Yankees

Not only will Rivera remain with the Yankees, he will also become the highest paid closer in baseball. This just symbolizes how badly the Yankees want to hold onto their players instead of making much needed changes. Mariano Rivera is expected to accept the Yankees' three-year, $45 million offer. The contract would make Rivera the highest paid closer in baseball history.

Within the life of the deal, Rivera should pass Lee Smith for second on the all-time saves list. In 13 years with the Yankees, the right-hander has 443 saves, 35 behind Smith. The Padres' Trevor Hoffman is the all-time leader with 524 saves. Rivera saved 30 games last season, his lowest total since 2002 and posted a 3.15 ERA, his highest since his rookie year in 1995. A 3.15 ERA for a closer is a really bad stat to have. As closers get older, they don't seem as reliable as they used to be. I remember even Hoffman had trouble shutting the door last season. Perhaps the Yankees should have looked towards new faces.

The Yankees have been waiting to hear if Rivera would accept the deal for a week, but Rivera is supposedly holding out for a fourth year at the moment.

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