Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Football Predictions for Week 12 of the NFL

What a wonderful time of the year. A time to spend with friends and family. A time to eat and actually have an excuse to get fat. And of course, football. I hope everyone has a wonderful and festive Thanksgiving. Now onto my predictions:

Thanksgiving Day:

Green Bay At Detroit - This is the first meaningful Thanksgiving game for Detroit in a long time. This should be a shoot out and offensive smörgåsbord as both teams like to throw the lights out of the ball. Detroit needs to win because they have one of the roughest schedules coming up. However, I can see Kitna throwing some interceptions while Favre pulls the win out in the end.

New York Jets At Dallas - What a chance for young Tony Romo to show off to America on Thanksgiving. Dallas should have no trouble running up the score on the Jets because the Cowboys play a very different style of football than the Steelers do, who the Jets actually beat last week. Watch for Terrell Owens to blaze by the secondary.

Indianapolis At Atlanta - As lost and confused as the Colts are right now, Joey Harrington is used to losing on Thanksgiving. This is the game where the Colts get their act together.

Minnesota At Giants - This is actually tough. The Giants are notorious for collapsing in the second half of the season, but they haven't so far. Meanwhile, with Peterson out, the Vikings' RB Chester Taylor proved deadly last week. However, because of Minnesota's lack of a decent QB (not that Eli Manning is that great either), the Giants should edge this one out.

Seattle At St. Louis - Seattle really isn't that great of a team and they are lucky to be winning that division. The Rams are an offensive powerhouse once again, though their record doesn't show it. I like the Rams at home to upset the visiting Seahawks.

Tennessee At Cincinnati - This is a must win game for the Titans to stay in the playoff hunt. My first reaction was to pick the Bengals based on the way the Titans dropped very easy catches on Monday night. But then my mind pictured Vince Young running all over that non-existent dimension the Bengals call defense and winning the game.

New Orleans At Carolina - This game is a coin toss, but the Saints are more of a threat on offense and defense.

Oakland At Kansas City - The Chiefs have won nine consecutive games against the Raiders and are the only AFC West team who leads the all-time series with the Raiders, 52-43-2 (including playoffs). Enough said.

Buffalo At Jacksonville - The Bills have won four of the last five meetings between these two teams and lead the all-time regular-season series, 4-2. However, if Losman is starting, I'll take the Jaguars any day.

Houston At Cleveland - This is an excellent matchup. The Texans are a surprise team of the year, but the Browns are even more of a surprise team. The Browns will have to struggle again, but their offense is slightly better than the Texans and should win.

Washington At Tampa Bay - This is another coin toss game. More is at stake with a Washington loss, which Tampa Bay should delibver to them.

San Francisco At Arizona - Arizona will win this beyond a doubt...Wait, did I just predict Seattle to lose and Arizona to win? That would make Arizona tied for first. Bizarre, but I can see that happening.

Baltimore At San Diego - This game is nothing more than a game of struggling teams still trying to find themselves. Both teams will hurt themselves and play poorly, its only a matter of which team plays less poorly. I have more faith in Rivers and Tomlinson than I do in any player on the Ravens.

Denver At Chicago - According to people I know, Denver is back. Regardless if thats true or not, Denver should easily beat the Bears in order to keep up with the Chargers.

Philadelphia At New England -This is UGLY. The Patriots remind me of when I put together an All-Star team of players in MVP Baseball and then simulate to the end after the 4th inning because I'm winning 20-0. It just isn't fun anymore.

Miami At Pittsburgh - I doubt when they made these schedules at the beginning of the year the NFL knew Miami would be doing this bad for a Monday night game. The Steelers can vent their anger over last week's loss to the Jets by destroying the Dolphins.

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The Pagan Temple said...

I had my hopes that Cinny would get their act together now that my favorite receiver, Chris Henry, is back in the game. Plus, their defense actually played a good game last week. The problem wasn't the defense, it was Carson Palmer's four interceptions. Add to that the fact that Chad Johnson is playing really shitty this season compared to his true potential, and you have disaster. Of course, Henry wasn't all that hot the last game either, he dropped what should have been two easy catches.

So, I guess you're right. The real surprise of the season to me is Detroit. I can't believe John Kitna is having this good of a year. When I caught on to how consistently well Detroit is playing this year (well, for them), I figured Kitna must have been replaced. I guess not, but I ain't believing for a second he's suddenly Hall of Fame material, they must have really built that team up. I'll sure be watching tomorrow.