Monday, March 3, 2008

Patriots Close To Deal With Moss

The New England Patriots and Randy Moss are reportedly finalizing terms of a three-year $27 million contract. Moss had been pursued by several teams ever since the Patriots failed to make him a franchise player late last month. But, it seems that Moss is going to stay in New England. This move makes the most sense for both New England and Randy Moss. New England has already lost Donte' Stallworth as well as other important players. Losing Randy Moss would completely devastate the Patriots' powerful offense. Keeping him is the best move for New England.
There are essentially two reasons for Randy Moss to leave New England. The first is the unethical strategies implemented by the Patriots' coaching staff. Spying on other teams has marked New England. Many of their victories are now viewed with skepticism. Moss might be better off joining a respectable team who does not cheat so his achievements can be more praised and admired rather than looked upon with suspicion and doubt. The second reason to leave New England is more pay. This reason, however, is pretty pointless since he has tons of money already. What he does not have is a Super Bowl ring. And one of the best shots he has of winning such a prize is to stay right where he is, in New England...unfortunately.

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