Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why Can't Roger Clemens Just Come Clean?

Well, we are just one day away from one of the biggest showdowns in sports history. This showdown won't take place on a field or court, but rather, in a courtroom between Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee. When all is said and done, though the end of this case most likely will not be on Wednesday, one man will look like a hero while the other will face jailtime and be remembered as a disgrace.

Andy Pettitte, who was originally supposed to show up to testify against Clemens, opted out of showing up. If this isn't further proof that Roger Clemens is guilty, I don't know what is. Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens are, or were, really good buddies. Clemens was Pettitte's hero growing up. My guess is Andy Pettitte knows Roger Clemens took some type of steroids (provided by the same provider, Brian McNamee) and can't face the guilt of ratting out one of his best friends and long time heroes

There is simply too much evidence against Roger Clemens coming from every source, person, and direction possible. Roger Clemens' good word alone may not be enough to convince anyone. How can a man of his age still be throwing as fast and powerful as he is? No pitcher of his age has ever done that. Who does he think he is, Jesus Christ?

I just wonder why Roger Clemens couldn't come clean from the start. Its not like he would have gotten in trouble. He retired - he can't be suspended or fined. It would have been one of those scenarios where people would have been like "Oh, he took steroids. Wow. Oh well" and carry on with the rest of their day. However, now, because he didn't come clean from the start, he looks ten times worse. Meanwhile, Brian McNamee has nothing to lose by lying. In fact, he is being glorified for admitting to what he has done.

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