Friday, February 8, 2008

What To Look Out For This NFL Offseason

Just like any other hardcore football fan, I too am depressed that the season is over. Sure, it ended with one of the greatest games ever, but it ended nonetheless. Nevertheless, this NFL offseason should prove to be interesting as teams work on filling gaps in their rosters and snap up rising talent. This is a short list of possible things that could happen this offseason in football teams' quest for continuous improvement.
1) Rise of the defensive line. As the New York Giants just showed, one of the most crucial components of a successful football team is a strong defensive line. Having four players who can pressure quarterbacks without blitz is key to shutting down even the best of offensives. Watch for other teams to realize this fact and adjust their defenses as necessary.
2) Watch the Patriots, again. Last year, the New England Patriots realized their biggest weakness-their receivers-and made an amazing fix with the pick up of Wes Welker, Donte Stallworth, and Randy Moss. This season, the Patriots' weakness lies in their secondary. Cornerbacks Asante Samuel and Randall Gay are free to leave as free agents. Safety Rodney Harrison is considering retirement. So look for the Patriots to address these defensive holes through the draft and free agency. If these weaknesses are addressed, the Patriots could be once again striving for a perfect season next year.
3) The Bills with keep Losman. Buffalo Bills quarterback J.P. Losmas was supposed to be the next Jim Kelly. That has not happened yet. Now with 2007 thrid-round pick Trent Edwards as starter, Losman wants out of Buffalo. However, he is under contract for one more year and the Bills will likely keep him for fear of Edwards being injured.
4) Midnight for McNabb? The Philadelphia Eagles could very well trade quarterback Donovan McNabb. They picked up Kevin Kolb during last year's draft and are looking to play him soon. McNabb has been less than spectacular lately and a new, fresh quarterback will certainly help this underrated team.
5) Watch the Rams. The St. Louis Rams did not deserve a 3-13 record this season. The major reason for this year's failure was injuries. This team suffered many major injuries throughout the season. Next season, the Rams will surely be a team to contend against with good first-round draft picks and the return of a healthy Marc Bulger and Steven Jackson. Expect a turnaround for this team.

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