Friday, February 8, 2008

This Is Absolutely Ridiculous Now! Roger Clemens' Wife Used Steroids Too?

I was enjoying this case until I heard that Brian McNamee told congressional investigators he injected Roger Clemens' wife with human growth hormone as she prepared for a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition photo session five years ago, the New York Daily News reported Friday.

McNamee testified during his Capitol Hill deposition on Thursday that he injected Debbie Clemens at her husband's direction, the News said on its Web site, citing an unidentified Washington source.

Brian McNamee is so desperate to nail Roger Clemens that he is reaching out for every possible evidence available. I thought the Beer Can was ridiculous, but bringing Clemens' wife into this made the whole case just laughable.

"Did Roger get the Cy Young 'cause his wife took the HGH?" said Lanny Breuer, another lawyer for Clemens.

Why don't they just throw the whole family in jail? Accuse the kids of using steroids too! (I'm not being serious, but that just shows how ridiculous all this evidence has amounted to)

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