Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Miguel Tejada Welcomed Into The Houston Astros Training Camp

With the absence of players like Craig Biggio and Brad Lidge, the Houston Astros need a big, powerful bat in the middle of their lineup and someone who could be a team leader.

Tejada hit .296 with 18 homers and 81 RBIs in 2007. He's an offensive upgrade from previous shortstop Adam Everett, who batted .232 last season and was signed by Minnesota after Houston didn't pick up his contract.

The Astros stand by the acquisition of Tejada, despite the steroid allegations now hanging over him.

"I still think it was the right decision," owner Drayton McLane said.

And that's exactly how it should be! Screw the whole steroid controversy. Its annoying now. All of a sudden the players we once loved should be hated and labeled as cheaters just because they took something that would improve the game and most important of all, put on a show for their fans. Oh, please. Miguel Tejada is a still a great player and the best shortstop in the league, with or without steroids. By the way, I'm not an Astros fan.

Tejada arrived at camp at 7 a.m. Tuesday, the day all position players were due to report. He left the complex within five minutes to go to take a physical at another location.

As media gathered around his locker, Tejada shook hands with his new teammates, chatting with the ones who spoke Spanish.

He was going to sit down with manager Cecil Cooper and general manager Ed Wade before his first workout. Cooper said he wasn't going to bring up the steroid allegations in their first meeting.

"We'll talk about baseball things," Cooper said. "That's all I care about. That's all we should all be focused on at this point in time."

Cooper wasn't concerned about how Tejada would be perceived in the clubhouse.

"From what I hear, Miguel is a terrific guy," Cooper said. "I'm sure his teammates are going to hook onto him and they're going to get along well. If there's a problem in there, I'll deal with it. But there won't be a problem."

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