Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jason Kidd Is Officialy On The Dallas Mavericks

"It's done," Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told via e-mail. "J-Kidd is a Mav."

The last proposed version of the deal that had been swirling for about a week had Kidd and New Jersey Nets teammate Malik Allen going to Dallas for 24-year-old point guard Devin Harris, center DeSagana Diop, swingman Trenton Hassell, guard Maurice Ager, Keith Van Horn via sign-and-trade, first-round picks this June and in 2010 and $3 million in cash.

Keith Van Horn will most likely not play. In fact, he hasn't played in over two years. However, his name was still on the roster and is perfect trade bait as a means to cheat the system. Still, he's useless. It would make no difference if the Mavericks shipped a manikin or Keith Van Horn in the plane to New Jersey.

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