Sunday, February 3, 2008

Everyone Loves Michael Jordan...Some Perhaps A Bit Too Much

It's been well-documented that Michael Jordan likes the ladies. We knew he liked 'em young, but we didn't know he liked 'em crazy ... until now. According to this report, MJ was forced to file a lawsuit to stop a woman from harassing him over a claim that he fathered her now three-year-old son, a claim which has been refuted in two separate paternity tests.

Apparently Lisa A. Miceli refuses to take these tests seriously, as she's been (allegedly) bombarding Jordan with e-mails and phone calls since the second paternity test in 2005. Due to the fact that the messages have been "increasingly violent and threatening," Jordan filed the suit to get a court order to make the woman stop. Here's a sample of what's in the suit.

Miceli is accused of sending nearly 400 e-mails to Jordan and his representatives since Aug. 26, 2005. She has also placed hundreds of phone calls to his office and to his representatives, and left more than 200 voice-mail messages, according to the suit.

"The content of Miceli's e-mails, notes and telephone calls clearly demonstrates that she is a seriously disturbed individual," the suit reads.

The lawsuit alleges that Miceli, in one message, stated that she hopes Jordan would be murdered and "wiped off the (expletive) planet."

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