Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Does Anyone Notice Roger Goodell Is To Meet With Specter Wednesday To Discuss Spygate?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Sen. Arlen Specter are to meet Wednesday to discuss the Spygate case involving the New England Patriots.

The meeting will take place at 3 p.m. ET in Specter's office in Washington, according to's Mike Fish. The Pennsylvania Republican has asked Goodell to explain his decision to destroy the tapes and notes from the case, which go back to 2002.

What genius by Roger Goodell as yet another way to hide the New England Patriots Spygate Conspiracy Theory. No seriously, that's brilliant. Have the hearing on the afternoon where one of the biggest Congressional hearings in sports history (Roger Clemens Vs. Brian McNamee) is taking place. That's great.

First, who knows how long the Clemens hearing will drag on for. This hearing has been hyped up for so long and is so draining all day who is going to want to watch ANOTHER hearing? Because all the attention today will be on Clemens and McNamee, I don't think they will have enough cameras, cameramen, and reporters to cover the Spygate story (that's a bad joke on my part, I admit). But still, what a way for Goodell to shift the people's attention away from the Spygate scandal, at least for today.

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