Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The ULTIMATE Reason Why The New England Patriots Will Win The Super Bowl

Now I do not promote or condone gambling, but if anyone has read previous posts by me, then they know I believe sports is about making money and that Vegas and sports as a long standing history together.

Again, me nor this site promotes gambling, but I want to report the statements I've heard.

On ESPN Radio online (strictly online radio only) a man from Vegas came into the studio and handed the anchorman a sealed envelope, saying he can open the envelope before or after the Super Bowl. Naturally, human curiosity got the best of him and the anchorman opened the envelope. Voila! The final score, stats, and details of the game were revealed. And this is Vegas people. The medulla oblongata of sports betting where every week they seem to come so very close to nailing the line. Therefore, I'd trust Vegas over any analyst.

New York Giants
Eli Manning: 20-36 / 240 yards / 1 TD / 1 INT
Huge day for NYG Special Teams and
Punt and Kick Returns for around 200 yards.
Burress, Toomer combine for 9 catches for 103 yards.
5-13 on 3rd downs
1 Fumble

New England Patriots
Tom Brady: 25-36 / 306 Yards / 3 TDs / 1 INT / 2 Sacks for -8 Yards
Randy Moss alone 6 catches for 89 Yards

Halftime - New England winning 17-10

Final Score - New England wins 34-20

-Very few penalties
-Close game with NE pulling away at the end
-The public loves what they have been seeing (NYG). The reason why the Patriots have been playing so poorly is because they were playing in poor weather conditions where the Patriots could not do what they were built to do: throw the ball. Now, in Arizona, where the weather is warm and normal wind conditions is present, the NE Patriots will win fine.

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