Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tom Brady Wins Offensive Player Of The Year. Big Surprise

Was there any doubt? Just like all those wins, the NFL awards keep rolling in for Tom Brady. The league's Most Valuable Player added The Associated Press 2007 Offensive Player of the Year honors to his collection Tuesday, easily outdistancing his main weapon on the unbeaten New England Patriots, Randy Moss.

If Tom Brady played defense, he'd probably win that award too.

Indeed, of the four players who received votes from a nationwide panel of 50 media members who regularly cover the NFL, three were Patriots. Brady, of course, led the way, just as he did through the first 16-0 regular season in league history.

"We set out a bunch of goals early in the season," Brady said, "and I think I said the best part about playing quarterback here is I just have to do my job, show up every day and work hard just like everybody else. I think my job description is just a bit different than everybody else's, but there's a lot of satisfaction knowing that I can just come out there and worry about myself and expect that everybody else is going to do their job.

"It's been a fun season. There's no doubt about it."

And it's been a rewarding season for Brady, the first New England player to be chosen MVP and now the first Patriot to win Offensive Player of the Year.

HOWEVER.... History will not be on Tom Brady's side this postseason. Only one quarterback (Joe Montana, 1989 49ers) who has won the AP Offensive Player of the Year award has gone on to capture the Super Bowl title in the same season. All the QBs to take the honor since it's 1973 inception are below.
Player Team Year
Tom Brady Patriots 2007
Peyton Manning Colts 2004
Brett Favre Packers 1995
Steve Young 49ers 1992
Warren Moon Oilers 1990
Joe Montana 49ers 1989
Dan Marino Dolphins 1984
Joe Theismann Redskins 1983
Dan Fouts Chargers 1982
Ken Anderson Bengals 1981
Bert Jones Colts 1976
Fran Tarkenton Vikings 1975
Ken Stabler Raiders 1974
Then again, the New England Patriots have defied and broken all laws this year, so this stat shouldn't really apply to them.

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