Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Teams Shakeup Coaches, Front Office

Yesterday, both the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins fired managers and coaches in their attempt to rebuild their broken teams for next year's season. Coach Brian Billick and defensive coordinator Rex Ryan were dismissed by the Baltimore Ravens who finished this season 5-11. This is a sorry end for Billick who had great success in Baltimore. In his second year coaching for Baltimore in 2001, he led the Ravens to a Super Bowl victory. He also led the Ravens to a franchise best record of 13-3 in 2006. However, these successes were marred by this year's failure. There were great expectations for the Ravens who had arguably the best defense in the league and a potentially powerful offense thanks to the addition of Willis McGahee. However, these expectations proved to be uncalled for as the Ravens ended their season 5-11. It is hard to expect much from the Ravens for next season as the team will be going through a reorganization of the coaching staff. Just look at the Chargers who had their own coaching shakeup this season. The team suffered in the beginning of the season, although they did pick it up towards the end of the regular season. Expect something similar from the Ravens. They will most likely play poorly in the beginning of next season, but will be a stronger contender towards the end of the season.
The Miami Dolphins were also shaken up when new executive vice president of football operations Bill Parcells fired general manager Randy Mueller as well as other members of the player personnel staff. The future of first year coach Carn Cameron is also uncertain. All of this is necessary for the Dolphins, who are the eight team ever to finish 1-15. Expect better things from the Dolphins next season. Miami will have the top draft pick as well as two second round choices. This gives the franchise a huge opportunity to pick up team changing players. Also, with Big Tuna virtually running the Dolphins and cleaning up the staff, Miami will have better, more competent personnel to lead the team. Despite the bright future foreseen for the Dolphins, there will be some growing pains. The Dolphins, however, will come out of this rebuilding process a much stronger team as well as a dangerous playoff contender.

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