Monday, January 7, 2008

Roger Clemens Sues McNamee for Defamation

Roger Clemens filed a defamation suit against former trainer Brian McNamee who claimed to have injected Clemens with performance-enhancing drugs. McNamee claimed to have injected Clemens with steroids and HGH about 16 to 21 times during 1998, 2000, and 2001, just before baseball players and owners agreed to ban performance-enhancing substances. Clemens stated that the descriptions given by McNamee "never happened". "If I have these needles and these steroids and all these drugs, where did I get 'em?" Clemens said. "Where is the person out there (who) gave 'em to me? Please, please come forward." This steroid scandal has left a black mark on major league baseball. Don't expect Clemens to ever admit to using performance-enhancing steroids. This unfortunate scandal is harming more than the reputation of Roger Clemens. It is destroying the credibility of all baseball players. Now, fans will second guess their favorite teams and players. Fans will begin to question whether or not great players used steroids or if teams supported and encouraged the use of performance-enhancing drugs by their teammates. When this controversy finally ends, the whole reputation of professional baseball will be scarred. Fans will no longer be able to respect, praise, or admire teams or players. They will only be able to look at them with condemnation, disrespect, and disgust for abusing their bodies and insulting their fans. Baseball players should be ashamed for having allowed this awful practice to occur. This is a dark time for America's favorite past time.

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