Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ravens Approach Marty Schottenheimer

It has been reported that the Baltimore Ravens recently spoke with NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer about joining their franchise as head coach. "There's been some discussion but nothing substantive," stated a representative for Schottenheimer. This is an excellent move made by Baltimore. He is definitely the best replacement available for Brian Billick, ex-coach for the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens need a strong coach to lead them. Veteran Schottenheimer fits the bill. He led the San Diego Chargers last season to a 14-2 record. They lost in their first playoff game against the New England Patriots thanks to multiple fumbles as well as other mistakes made on the field. If picked up by Baltimore, Schottenheimer will prove to be an invaluable asset. He has the experience and knowledge of building a team's offense around star running backs (LaDainian Tomlinson for the Chargers) which will prove to be an essential skill for the Ravens. The Ravens' lackluster offense has only one bright side, that being running back Willis McGahee. By applying the techniques and methods he used while at San Diego in making Tomlinson a fearsome weapon, Schottenheimer can similarly turn McGahee into Baltimore's own LT. As coach for the Ravens, Schottenheimer will prove to be the catalyst necessary for restoring a stagnant team and propelling them to the playoffs and beyond.

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